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Plan to Win or Lose Quickly

SCOTSMAN®is a powerful planning and time management tool designed for winning complex deals. It provides new KPIs and accurate metrics to score the sale against eight areas, and measures its quality through actions or commitments made by the customer.

SCOTSMAN® is a well-established sales qualification method. It pulls the whole process of qualification into a simple framework to ensure time is not wasted on unwinnable deals. Customer actions measure the true quality of the sales and drive success.

Commitments – Double the Power of SCOTSMAN®

Managing deals based on commitments can:


Do I have a good solution to their problem?


Is there a bias?
A preferred supplier?


Do I have anything unique that they need?


Is the timescale achievable for us?


Does it demand too much effort for its size?


Is there a realistic budget?’


Are we talking to decision-makers?


Is there a need and a justification for the project?

SCOTSMAN® is a registered trademark of Advanced Selling Skills Academy Ltd - Advance

Double Your Selling Time

Ask Sales people what prevents them winning more sales and they will say a lack of time.

The biggest waste of time is the deals they lose. Companies regularly win 3 out of 10 sales they bid for.

Top sales people win 7 out of 10. Why?

  • They use strict criteria
  • They refuse to bid on the unwinnable
  • They spend more time on those they can win
  • They devote some of the saved time on prospecting

SCOTSMAN® redefines robust qualification

By testing the sale against eight areas, turning qualification on its head from Yes/ No to a 3-way process.

SCOTSMAN® identifies problems and helps the seller to plan the meetings, agendas and commitments required.

Success is measured by the gaining of customer commitments.


SCOTSMAN® as a Coaching Tool

SCOTSMAN® provides managers with additional sets of KPIs they can inspect throughout the stages of sale

It adds quality measures to existing reporting and instils a common behaviour among sellers of commitment selling.

By having a forensic understanding of opportunities, SCOTSMAN® allows managers to better support and coach their sellers.

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SCOTSMAN® and Commitment Selling is the best and most relevant approach for our Solutions Team


Sales Teams That Drive Customer Commitments Win More Deals

Through Commitment Selling, a constant qualification process drives sales planning. It measures buyer behaviour over time in a scientific way to achieve forensic pipeline accuracy.

Deals are won through an accumulation of customers commitments.

This drives behavioural change in sellers enabling them to build power throughout the sale by establishing a series of;

Qualification Commitments


Timetable Commitments

Selling Timetables

Lobbying Commitments

Political Mapping

Criteria Commitments

Competitive Analysis

Develop Commitment Selling skills in your organisation

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