A facilitator coaches a team of sellers on SCOTSMAN qualitication tools
How to create a Framework for Robust Sales Process Management
Hitting the target is enabled when SCOTSMAN sales qualification is deployed
How to Flush out Sales Showstoppers in Complex Market Conditions

Developing Sales Skills in Disruptive Times

A seller receives online sales training in how to use SCOTSMAN sales qualification

What difficult times we find ourselves in. I was touched, like most, by the words from our enigmatic Queen at the weekend. We are all facing new and unique challenges that we were wholeheartedly unprepared for.

For our customers, it’s how to keep b2b salespeople motivated and engaged, fostering a positive spirit of mutual trust between leaders and their teams, as they operate remotely.

We have a wealth of e-Training resources that we are making available at hugely reduced prices. If you have remote sales teams unable to maximise their selling hours, we can help.

Our e-Training Academy consists of our six flagship programmes on different aspects of pipeline and opportunity management; not a bad skill to brush up on right now.

Through improved planning and qualification skills, sellers will be better able to deliver forecasting accuracy during this unprecedented time and the difficult recovery period that will follow.  

By taking the classroom online, supported by our Virtual Workshops and Coaching, our Sales Enablement Model helps to align, equip and sustain these changes long term.  

As creators of SCOTSMAN®, our interventions are underpinned by this powerful discipline of sales planning and qualification.

Stay Safe!

Mike Wilkinson
Mike Wilkinson
Managing Director Advance - Creators of SCOTSMAN®