How to Achieve Predictable, Consistent
and Reliable Sales Forecasts

A Customer's Journey

One MD called us. They had invested in a CRM and sales training but still had problems. The concerns they shared were:

  • Opportunities were slipping month to month
  • “Dead cert” deals were lost
  • Sales people were optimistic and didn’t seem skilled enough
  • Valuable time was lost chasing bad deals

They were frustrated and wrestling with the challenge of accurate forecasting and sales productivity. They were feeling under pressure from the Board and wanted to understand what they could do to change this. Having heard about SCOTSMAN® through their Chairman they contacted us to ask for our help.

How Advance Helped

They needed to address their sales process and the behaviours of their people.

We highlighted limitations of the current sales process in their CRM – opportunity management requires more than measuring stages of sale and probabilities. There were also gaps in the sales team’s skills. Qualification was not used throughout the sale to drive the sales process.

After a demo of our SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager, they quickly understood why this was the missing link to predictable forecasting. They were pleased that the solution could be simply added to their current process and were confident about the quick results it could bring.

We then ran a pilot of our 1-day Qualification and Pipeline Management programme. This wasn’t just about training, but about combining processes and behaviours. By really understanding how to qualify and get customer commitments to progress sales they could improve productivity and win rates. They were finally addressing the root causes.

Their results in their words:

“In Board meetings I now feel less stressed as I understand opportunities in detail with KPIs to back me up.”

“The team can now see much earlier on which are bad deals. Imagine the time and resources saved by deciding not to bid!”

“We find we are not coming second as often. We are winning more deals as are focused on those where we have a chance of winning.”

Download our white paper and see how our SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager app provides the missing link and foundation for a robust sales process to enable B2B companies to achieve Predictable, Consistent and Reliable Sales Forecasts.

You will learn how it:

  • Gives a forensic understanding of the pipeline
  • Tackles root causes so all product/sector/skills training achieves a better ROI
  • Is easy to implement, irrespective of current sales processes or existing investments in sales training.

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If the paper resonates with you, contact us to have a demo of the app and organise a 1-day programme. See for yourself the massive improvements it can make to your opportunity management.

Predictable Forecasts from your CRM

Use our SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager to measure the right things, and ensure your CRM supports the winning of business.

Available for and Microsoft Dynamics 365

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How to Achieve Predictable, Consistent and Reliable Sales Forecasts

Companies we've helped

  • Softserve deploys SCOTSMAN sales qualification methodology to improve sales forecasting
  • Netpremacy receives online sales training on the SCOTSMAN methodology for improves sales qualification
  • Poly deploys the SCOTSMAN sales methodology and receives online sales training to improve opportunity management
  • Essentra rolls out online sales training to sellers, using SCOTSMAN sales methodology to improve sales qualification
  • Capita strengthens opportunity management sales processes and improves sales forecasting with SCOTSMAN methodology