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For Improved Selling Hours, Win Ratios, Margin and Velocity

Whether you have one salesperson or an international team, our flexible suite of experiential programmes
ensure sales professionals have the planning skills they need to qualify and win. 

Enhance Pipeline Management Competencies with
our SCOTSMAN® Sales Enablement Tools

SCOTSMAN® e-Training Academy Sustainable Sales Skills Development

Our SCOTSMAN® e-Training programmes reflect all our classroom courses in self-paced modules. We help sellers develop instincts and enhance vital pipeline management competencies through improved planning and qualification skills, delivering forecasting accuracy to sales leaders.

All our e-Training programmes involve storytelling from leading trainer Dermot Bradley delivered in self-paced interactive modules. They include reflective learning, development action plans, assessments and management reporting, with tailoring options to suit your needs. 

Our e-Training Academy includes all
of our Major Programmes.

Over 70 hours of interactive training covering Creating the Sale, Winning the Sale,
Managing the Account and Negotiation & Objection Handling

Our Major Programmes
Advance's Online Sales Academy allows our users to learn in a way that suits them best and tests their understanding of the knowledge gained, driving consistency in our sales processes.

Jessica Gibbison, Essentra.


Support with Virtual Coaching 

To ensure knowledge becomes skills, we provide scheduled virtual coaching sessions to individual business leaders or small groups of sellers.

  • Learning activities are short and focussed enabling groups to still learn together, but at a distance.
  • Sessions focus around the building of skills (not just knowledge transfer) and linking new (thought) processes into existing work practices / procedures.
  • Sessions are planned to meet the needs of employees working in different time zones.

Classroom Training

Currently not available due to the Coronavirus restrictions - all of our classroom programmes are available through our e-Training and Virtual Services

On previous training programmes, I've been told how to sell generically. Advance's programme provided a rationale on how manage the entire sales process - and what deals I should actually spend my time on.

Tabrez Butt - Netpremacy

Training for Trainers

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