26th November 2020
So you think you know SCOTSMAN

So, You Think You Know SCOTSMAN®

A lot of businesses we come into contact with already believe in the power of SCOTSMAN® and use it within sales as a checklist to qualify […]
12th November 2020

Designing Sales Productivity Datasets in CRMs for Complex Sales

The sales function must deliver predictable, reliable and consistent forecasts, yet 80% of sales teams regularly miss their targets. In the US alone, this costs businesses […]
23rd September 2020
An empty meeting room making requiring leaders to conduct remote opportunity management practices

How to Equip Sellers to Manage Opportunities Remotely

With fresh guidance to work from home affecting many, and with some forms of workplace-based social distancing expected to continue until 2022, many b2b sales teams […]
4th September 2020
A sales leader manages her sales forecast whilst sales process planning with her team

How to Manage the Sales Opportunity Review Process Remotely

It was Tom Peters’ book, published during the stock market crash of 1987, that explained how and why companies must learn to thrive on chaos. He […]
22nd July 2020
A sales leader uses root cause analysis procedures to improves sales forecasting

Eliminating The Root Causes Of Lost Opportunities

One of today’s biggest issues for senior management is to achieve the predictability, reliability and consistency of business results demanded by key stakeholders. If sales forecasts […]
8th June 2020
A sales manager reviews his sales pipeline management using SCOTSMAN methodology

The Four Essential Areas of Inspection in Strategic Sales

How to Alleviate The Fog: Accurate Forecasting Guidance for Leaders  Gartner has recently advised businesses to review their forecasting methods and use more predictive indicators on the dashboard […]