A Roadmap for

A Structured Process for Predictable, Consistent
and Reliable Sales Performance

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    Bottling Sales Excellence

    Unstructured sales processes prevent best practices from being shared. This can result in poor quality opportunities clogging the pipeline and lower than desired win rates. Sellers waste valuable time and lack a clear understanding of what good looks like.

    In our workshops, we use real opportunities to explore your existing processes and diagnose areas for improvement. Your sales experts collaborate with ours to map the most effective practices of your top performers.

    From this we create a documented roadmap of the selling process, highlighting our recommendations for improvement and reflecting your best practices. This is presented as a structured, repeatable sales process with playbooks that can be implemented by your entire sales team. These are often used as templates for SCOTSMAN ® Commitment Manager.

    We guide you through and equip you with the tools to achieve opportunity management excellence.
    This increases:

    Selling Hours


    Win Rates

    Transaction Value

    Win More Sales, More Bigger Sales, More Profitable Sales, More Quickly.