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    Our Proposition

    Founded in 2002, Advance is a training and consulting business and owner of SCOTSMAN®.

    For many sales teams, SCOTSMAN® has become the most important planning tool for winning political deals and a valuable time management tool for salespeople, increases selling time and win rates.

    Dermot Bradley created SCOTSMAN® and turned sales qualification and pipeline management on its head by introducing the concept of “customer commitments” into the process.

    What Makes Us Different

    Advance was founded to help companies achieve sales excellence by supporting them in applying rigour to their opportunity management processes and increasing the potential of the leaders and sales teams operating within them.

    We recognise that strategy delivers promises, but its people and processes that deliver results. Sales excellence depends upon strong Opportunity Management and key to success is performance management and people development.

    Adding Quality and Planning Measures to CRM

    In 2016, Advance launched SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager, a CRM PlugIn for SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers wishing to integrate the power of SCOTSMAN® and Commitment Selling into their operations and re-inforce robust planning and qualification behaviours into their sales teams.

    Our Expertise

    Advance has experience with customers in a variety of B2B industry sectors, particularly where the sales process is complex and political. This includes Technology, Consultancy, Financial Services, Education, Professional Services, Out sourcing and Manufacturing. 

    Some Businesses who have used SCOTSMAN®

    • Poly deploys the SCOTSMAN sales methodology and receives online sales training to improve opportunity management
    • Capita strengthens opportunity management sales processes and improves sales forecasting with SCOTSMAN methodology

    The Biggest Waste of a Seller's Time
    is the Time spent on Sales they Lose

    Make a change today

    SCOTSMAN® Through the Years

    • 1979SCOTSMAN® created

      Dermot Bradley creates SCOTSMAN®
    • 1979Selling Timetables

      First training course delivered
    • 1980SCOTSMAN® Showstoppers defined

      Showstoppers added as an outcome of SCOTSMAN®
    • 19854 Commitment Tyles defined

      Commitment Selling added to support SCOTSMAN®
    • 1990Hunting Licence!

      The Hunting Licence Commitment is added to the training.
    • 2008IP bought by Advance

      Advance purchases IP from Dermot Bradley who continues as an advisor to the Board.
    • 2012Online Academy Launched

      SCOTSMAN® training now available 24 x 7
    • 2016SCOTSMAN® Commitment Manager Launched

      SCOTSMAN® is embedded into CRM, starting with