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For Sales Predictability, Reliability and Forecasting

We help Sales Leaders develop a forensic understanding of their pipeline for greater control and informed decision making.
Our enablement model makes an immediate impact, supporting sales managers in the alignment and delivery of
initiatives that ensure robust opportunity management process.

SCOTSMAN® Coach - Business Leaders in Control Workshop

Aimed at those driving sales, this workshop examines and refines key elements of your sales processes to improve the accuracy of forecasts and achieve a forensic understanding of the sales pipeline.

We cover the entire selling process including;

Underpinned by SCOTSMAN® qualification and the regular inspection of customer actions,
our Enablement Model sets a change management framework that everyone will support. 


Robust Opportunity Management Inspection Practices

Accurate forecasts are key to achieving planned business results.
However ineffective sales processes and reporting mean sales leaders struggle to remain in control: 

• They do not have the data sets to make informed decisions.
• They struggle to measure the quality of the sales pipeline.
• Sales probabilities are frequently inaccurate.
• Seller productivity is lower than desired.

We uncover the true root causes holding back sales organisations

We Bridge the Gap between CRM and Sales Behaviour

By embedding robust SCOTSMAN® qualification and planning tools centred around customer commitments our enablement model:

  • Upskills sales communities
  • Drives change
  • Empowers self-sufficiency

Achieve Predictability and Take the Guesswork out of Your Pipeline

White Paper: How to Achieve Predictable, Consistent and Reliable Sales Forecasts