Under Pressure To Make Target?

How do you decide what opportunities to focus on?

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    Our SCOTSMAN® Pipeline Simulator Game is a powerful team-based pipeline management educational tool which explores the raw arithmetic of making target in b2b sales.

    Delivered as a group-based virtual exercise, we highlight the issues in managing multiple high-value opportunities, helping sellers apply science to the selling process and make informed, data-driven decisions about which to focus on.

    Simulating a 12-month selling period, sellers develop a greater understanding of the impact of their decision-making on their ability to hit quota. They are guided in making informed, data-driven decisions about where best to focus their time, carefully balancing all aspects of their role, from prospecting, need creation and territory research.

    It’s Not About Winning Sales, it’s about Winning the Right Sales to Make Target

    The biggest drain of a seller’s time will be the deals they lose. If they make the wrong decisions, they can find themselves in a ‘big deal spiral’, attending to nothing else. The prospect base dwindles, the pipeline dries up.

    Spending too much time on the wrong opportunities could mean missing target. Sellers must win enough of the right sales. This means making decisions about which deals to spend their finite time on.

    The SCOTSMAN® Pipeline Simulator Game makes sure sellers focus their efforts in the right place, by using a data-driven tool to:

    • Take the temperature of the sale.
    • Assess the merits of each opportunity based on eight criteria.
    • Make decisions on what actions to take to progress it.

      Each team is coached in using SCOTSMAN® to identify the work needed to progress each sale, flush out showstoppers and score the sale, helping the seller to qualify each opportunity in or out.

      How It Works

      • Simulating a 12-month selling period, up to four teams compete against each other in the marketplace, across six customisable sectors.
      • They must find opportunities and win them, but time is limited.
      • Decisions must be made about how much time to allocate to prospecting, developing opportunities and supporting won opportunities.
      • Each opportunity has a detailed description and teams have a range of options; from walking away through to actively working on an opportunity, with increasing levels of demand on their time.
      • Too many opportunities in the pipeline and soon teams can find their time is spread very thin!

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      Drive Seller Productivity

      SCOTSMAN® Pipeline Simulator improves sales effectiveness and seller productivity by increasing hit rates (going after the right deals) and selling hours (not wasting time on the wrong ones). It provides a simple formula to aid decision-making and time-management.

      Fully facilitated with a dedicated Gamesmaster, it can be deployed as a team exercise during various sales team initiatives in short succession.




      The Biggest Waste of Time is the
      Time Spent on the Sales You Lose

      eBook: How to Qualify your Sales - Lose Quickly!