Strategic Pipeline and Opportunity
Performance Review

Gain a Rigorous Forecasting Model
for Informed Decision Making

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Identify the Gaps in Your Forecast

Forecasts based on unqualified data, about the size and likely conversion of opportunities, can lull sales
organisations into thinking their pipeline will deliver both the forecast and the target, only to be left short.

Do you find that:  

Pipeline and Opportunity Performance Review Workshop

This virtual workshop provide sales organisations with a clear understanding of the challenges that are creating barriers to sales efficiency and effectiveness and selects the right levers to ensure forecasting accuracy.

We analyse sales forecasting, stage-of-sale probabilities and qualification method, following a simple four-phase approach controlled by a light-touch project management process. 

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Preparation and Planning

A top-level guided discussion to drive out the key challenges. 

Analysing the

Guided brainstorming to identify/clarify the problems. 

Generating and Selecting Solutions

We collectively develop and explore the best solutions to overcome the identified problems.

Implementing and Evaluating

Plans developed and agreed to action the strategies and solutions identified. 

Look Ahead and Forecast with Confidence

We embed SCOTSMAN® into selling practices, creating a robust forecasting model enabling leaders to remain in control.
  • Dashboards include SCOTSMAN® reviews and 1-2-1 reviews, promoting a closed loop process.
  • A robust forecast capable of determining the required pipeline to achieve quota. 
  • Tracking information and reporting alert managers to any deltas so corrective action can be taken.

Arrive at the True Root Causes of Your Selling Issues

Gartner predicts that 20% of deals are lost because of complex workflows and procedures in the sales process.

Guide to Root Cause Analysis and Problem solving for sales forecasting improvement

Guide: Applying Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving to Forecast Accuracy Improvement.