Achieving Accurate Forecasting:

A Guide to Using Root Cause Analysis and
Problem Solving in Opportunity Management

If sales forecasts are running short of expectations, it’s human nature to point towards factors outside of our control, such as conflicting demand signals from sellers or a shaky market (COVID-19, arguably being the likely narrative at present). Sales teams must also explore internal reasons to why deals stall or are lost and initiate remedial actions where necessary. Too often, however, the tendency is to point to problems outside the control of Sales.

In most cases, issues arise because of a sub-optimal process, or no process at all, affecting one or more key areas. A simple, well-structured approach using root cause analysis and problem solving provide a clear view and important starting point. True root causes nearly always impact more than one problem. The more thorough the analysis, the wider the potential improvement and the broader the impact of remedial actions on the bottom line.

Read this Guide for a fuller description, with examples that illustrate how to perform the process in practice.

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