Sales Qualification and
Pipeline Management Excellence

Aligning People, Process and Systems

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CEOs Demand Predictable, Consistent
and Reliable Sales Forecasts

Despite considerable investment, b2b sales organisations continue to struggle to achieve this.

Pipeline Management

Leaders need stronger data to back up their forecast

Opportunity Management

The complex selling process needs to be supported by CRM

Sales Process Management

The sales operation needs to improve planning

Sales Productivity

Sellers need stronger and consistent skills so more can achieve quota


A Robust Opportunity
Management Infrastructure

The SCOTSMAN® Sales Process Methodology establishes when to bid and how.
It plans the sale by assessing what the customer does and what they need to do.

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Our Customers

  • Poly deploys the SCOTSMAN sales methodology and receives online sales training to improve opportunity management
  • Capita strengthens opportunity management sales processes and improves sales forecasting with SCOTSMAN methodology

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Costing Your Business
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White Paper: How to Achieve Predictable Consistent and Reliable Sales Forecasts