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How do you capture the hearts and minds of key decision makers?

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One of the hardest things is to be sat in a board room trying to explain to the c-suite what they should be doing and why. They need it to be put to them in a relatable, easy to follow way that captures their attention in that moment. There are several tools to help with this:

A good reference story, a case history, a “for instance”.

Some people are good story tellers, others are not. But it is a skill you can learn.

  • We would like to share, via our online academy why it is essential to develop a story telling culture, and how to translate your products and services into a language which senior people can relate to
  • Ensure you have something sensible to say to senior people at the first meeting
  • Sell your strength in a non-technical way – C level employ people who know the How, but they are most interested in understanding the Why!
  • Make your proposals more readable and convincing
  • Build high credibility for your products and for you.

This Course will enable your teams to:

• Explain why we should have reference stories
• How to use them with C level
• How to use them for prospecting
• How to use them in proposals/RFP’s
• How to collect them.

Most importantly how to tell convincing stories.

Storytelling is a key skill for today’s solutions professionals and we look forward to hearing how this short guide has made a difference to your board room conversations.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to talk with us further around how best to manage and drive the sales pipeline.

Mike Wilkinson
Mike Wilkinson
Managing Director Advance - Creators of SCOTSMAN®