Problem Solving Guide

Problem solving is designed to help you move from your current state to a better desired state. Whether the problem is a sales shortfall, or inaccurate forecasting, or general lack of business predictability, breaking the problem down to bite-sized chunks will help uncover the root causes.

Using a systematic approach to solving problems can help groups (and individuals) to avoid some of the common pitfalls of ineffective problem solving:
  • Jumping to a conclusion before effectively analysing all aspects of the problem
  • Failing to gather critical data, either about the problem or proposed solutions
  • Tackling problems that are beyond the control or influence of group members
  • Working on problems that are too general, too large, or not well defined
  • Failing to develop adequate rationale for a solution
  • Failing to plan adequately how to implement and evaluate the recommended solution.
This guide explains in detail how groups can work through a six step process, utilising tools and techniques that avoid the pitfalls and deliver agreed ways forward:
  1. Identifying and selecting problem
  2. Analysing problem
  3. Generating potential solutions
  4. Selecting and planning the solution
  5. Implementing the solution
  6. Evaluating the solution.

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