Selling Skills and Behaviours Have To Change

Increase revenues: Match skills and behaviours
to the right selling style and sales model

‘Selling is selling’ is an outdated mantra. One set of skills does not meet all requirements. In this white paper, we spell out some different sorts of selling and the sales behaviours associated with them.

Sales people require selling styles for Recognised and Unrecognised needs. There are two types of sales people: the deal responders and the deal makers.

The culture or product demands a different behaviour from the sales force. The approach made to the prospect changes for different products and different types of buyers. If an inappropriate style of selling is used the buyer will become very uncomfortable and the business will lose sales.

Read this White Paper to:
  • Identify and understand four different models and selling styles
  • Differentiate between recognised and unrecognised needs
  • Detect differences between your current selling style and the ideal one
  • Understand the behaviours and selling styles appropriate for your organisation’s offerings in different sales circumstances
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