6th May 2020
5 Ways to Overcome Social Distancing Barriers in Complex Sales blog

5 Ways to Overcome Social Distancing Barriers in Complex Sales

Businesses are planning for a return to office working, with some staff continuing to operate from home. With Harvard Business School predicting that some social distancing […]
15th April 2020
Hitting the target is enabled when SCOTSMAN sales qualification is deployed

How to Flush out Sales Showstoppers in Complex Market Conditions

Delayed or lost deals are a stark reality of the current global corona virus pandemic. Gartner CSO research suggests that nearly 70% of B2B customers feel […]
6th April 2020
A seller receives online sales training in how to use SCOTSMAN sales qualification

Developing Sales Skills in Disruptive Times

What difficult times we find ourselves in. I was touched, like most, by the words from our enigmatic Queen at the weekend. We are all facing […]
26th March 2020
A facilitator coaches a team of sellers on SCOTSMAN qualitication tools

How to create a Framework for Robust Sales Process Management

In opportunity and pipeline management, sales leaders can inadvertently place a great deal of stress on the activity levels of their sales people. They may be […]
18th February 2020
A sales forecast increases due to strong opportunity management processes

7 Ways to Equip Sellers to Negotiate and Win Big Deals

Much negotiation training concentrates on the methods that buyers can use to get a good deal from salespeople. The buyer apparently has power over the seller. […]
25th October 2019
A seller grapples with his pipeline management

Achieving Predictable, Consistent and Reliable Sales Forecasts in Complex Sales

Do you find that opportunities slip from one month to the next, sales professionals are over optimistic, dead cert deals come to nothing and time is […]