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How Can You Double Your Sales? A Play in One Act

Scene: Enter Mike Wilkinson and Salesperson Mike: You are involved with big complex deals that can take many meetings to drive through. What resource stops you […]

Two meanings for Pipeline Qualification: which one do you apply?

In the language of selling, the word ‘Qualification’ is used in two different ways. The two uses are almost 180° opposite in meaning. The first way […]

When Qualifying a Sale how do you deal with a major concern?

Convince Me I Should Bid A salesperson was asked to quote for a specific opportunity by a potential customer. He was very concerned that they expressed […]

Look for the bad things when you qualify your pipeline

Many salespeople, when they qualify their sales, tend to qualify them by looking for the good things. ‘They have a big problem; I have a good […]

Do you Qualify your pipeline by playing the professional devil’s advocate?

Go On. Pull Out Salesperson Every time I talk to them they tell me how good our competitor is. I am really worried about it. I […]

Improving Your Sales Process With Consultative Selling Skills

Being good at sales isn’t just luck and despite what some may think, good sales people aren’t born with a special skill that sets them apart […]


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