SCOTSMAN® Sales Management Insights

6th March 2018

Two meanings for Pipeline Qualification: which one do you apply?

In the language of selling, the word ‘Qualification’ is used in two different ways. The two uses are almost 180° opposite in meaning. The first way […]
27th February 2018

When Qualifying a Sale how do you deal with a major concern?

Convince Me I Should Bid A salesperson was asked to quote for a specific opportunity by a potential customer. He was very concerned that they expressed […]
22nd February 2018

Look for the bad things when you qualify your pipeline

Many salespeople, when they qualify their sales, tend to qualify them by looking for the good things. ‘They have a big problem; I have a good […]
20th February 2018

Do you Qualify your pipeline by playing the professional devil’s advocate?

Go On. Pull Out Salesperson Every time I talk to them they tell me how good our competitor is. I am really worried about it. I […]
6th February 2018

Improving Your Sales Process With Consultative Selling Skills

Being good at sales isn’t just luck and despite what some may think, good sales people aren’t born with a special skill that sets them apart […]
1st December 2016

Should you recruit optimistic or pessimistic salespeople?

So, which did you choose? The optimist? Everybody loves an optimist. That unwavering enthusiasm and energy and the ability to draw the positive from even the […]